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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 05-23-09 | 04:37 PM
  • For those with school-age kids and who don't work outside the home...
    Do you keep your kids on a schedule over the summer or do you let them do pretty much as they want?
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 05-23-09 | 05:39 PM
  • an excellent question!

    I keep them on the same schedule.
    They don't get to stay up, they eat at the same time.
    And everyone wins.

    It helps that we have daycamps that force us to stay on schedules somewhat as well. if you gotta get up at 7am to be at camp on time, then you can't be staying up all night no matter how light and bright it is outside.
  • TLBT TLBT's Avatar 05-23-09 | 08:36 PM
  • we give a little extra leiway, They can stay up a little later, (its hard to get them to bad when its still light out) but for the most part we try to keep them close to "school" scedule
  • 3Princes 05-23-09 | 09:31 PM
  • My kids aren't school age yet, but Josh is in preschool and has to get up every day at a certain time during the school year.

    During the summer, we follow a loose version of our regular schedule. My kids are up between 7-730 no matter when they went to bed the night before, or how light or dark it is in their rooms. So.... they need to be in bed by 8ish. But, if we're in the midst of something and eat a couple snacks and a late dinner, no biggie for me. If they're up till 9:00 one night because we were out late playing, so what? (IMO)

    As they get older, I'll let them have even more freedom in the summers to stay up late and do "fun stuff," as long as their attitudes stay in check. My mom worked f/t when I was growing up so summers were mainly spent at d/c and grandma/grandpas house, and I felt like I never got to have those "lazy days of summer" until I was a teen and old enough to stay home by myself.
  • charmel96 charmel96's Avatar 05-24-09 | 01:09 AM
  • we try and keep her on the same school schedule but it i hard to go to bed when the sun is still out so theres a little give

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