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  • 3Princes 09-05-10 | 09:40 PM
  • Matthew is driving dh craaaaaaazy with this, and it it is getting to be a problem with Brady becoming mobile too. He loves to take his toys apart, but they're not made to be taken apart. He pulls the rubber wheels off his trucks, and the belts off of the farm equipment.

    I'm looking for some toys that Matthew can take apart and put together. He's only 3 though, and has some o/t issues, so he doesn't have the skills or patience for anything little like legos.

    Do your kids have any, or can you think of any appropriate toys he can take apart and put back together?
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 09-05-10 | 10:08 PM
  • My girls once had a train made of wooden blocks something like this
    . It was pretty easy to put back together in different ways.
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 09-05-10 | 10:25 PM
  • I assume you mean something a little more substantial than Mega Blocks?

    I am racking my brain and I can't think of anything Kendall has that she actually supposed to take apart, lol.
  • 3Princes 09-05-10 | 10:30 PM
  • Yes, more than mega blocks. Something that is actually a "thing" that you can take apart and then put back together.
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 09-05-10 | 10:48 PM
  • DS got Trio's this past Christmas and he loves them. We tried Lincoln Logs and Legos but these were pretty fun for him.

    Mega Blocks are also good.

    THose Cars "Mega Block" cars. They are meant to be taken apart.

    DS also liked just those big wooden beads that he could lace on the shoelace and then take apart.

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