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What pain relief do you use?

What pain relief do you use?

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  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 02-09-09 | 02:50 PM
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    What kind of pain relief do YOU use (Aleve, Tylenol, etc..)

    For your period...

    For headaches/other aches...
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 02-09-09 | 02:57 PM
  • I don't get periods so nothing for that.
    For headaches - 2 tylenol + 2 advil & if possible some caffene.
    I've taken so much tylenol & advil in my life that the normal dose is useless for me.
  • Pumkin Pumkin's Avatar 02-09-09 | 03:54 PM
  • For my period I usually take motrin.

    Headaches are almost always Excedrin
  • Jillian Jillian's Avatar 02-09-09 | 04:15 PM
  • Depends on what I find in the cupboard first ... Motrin or Tylenol.
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 02-09-09 | 04:17 PM
  • I use Ibuprofen for everything. Tylenol doesn't work all that well for me so I only use it if we run out of Ibuprofen.