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What is your opinion on the swine flu?

What is your opinion on the swine flu?

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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 05-01-09 | 08:18 PM
  • I go back and forth between thinking its nothing to worry about and worrying that it is much worse than they are telling us.

    What do you think?
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 05-01-09 | 11:01 PM
  • I'm also going back/forth about worrying about it!!

    One of my kids came home with paperwork about swine flu & how to prevent it & what to do if you suspect you/your child has it. It's all pretty straight-forward. Wash your hands & eat healthy to prevent... if you think you have it see your doctor... don't cough on people... stay home.

    I guess they're working on a vaccine... but it won't be ready until the fall??

    It would take A LOT for me to "hermit" my family & not go anywhere/do anything...
    But, for now... we're simply being extra mindful about washing our hands before we eat & whenever we come inside. I also bought more of that alcohol-based hand sanitizer & have some in the cars & my bag. I also have small hand sanitizers in the boys snack boxes & they use it at school before they eat.
  • charmel96 charmel96's Avatar 05-01-09 | 11:45 PM
  • my opinion the media is hyping it way too much, more people die every year of the "regular" flu than have even been infected with this.
Thank you charmel96!
TLBT (05-02-09)
  • Mommy2Matthias Mommy2Matthias's Avatar 05-02-09 | 09:18 AM
  • My exact thoughts Charmel. I was reading everything I could last night to see why the swine flu is SO bad. I didn't see anything. I don't see taking any precautions that we don't already take. According to the CDC, there are 141 cases in the US....on the grand scale of things--that's nothing really. 1 person has died (as of May 1, 2009--11am) and not that 1 person's life doesn't count...but when you're talking about epidemics, I mean come on. Yes, it's contagious...but so is every other flu that goes around. Yes, you can become VERY sick just the same with any influenza. Influenza mutates every year--the reason for a different flu shot each year--so again, what's the big deal? And this 'swine flu' originally thought to be genetically similiar to a swine flu North American pigs not the same. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.
  • TLBT TLBT's Avatar 05-02-09 | 09:49 AM
  • I dont know either, I do think that its alot of media hype, but it is a little scary, I worked last night and every (I mean EVERY) call was my kid has a runny nose, I think he needs to be tested for swine, my son has a sore throat, it could be swine ... COME ON people, its more than likely a cold or allergies. it was a bit annoying but yeah, good hygeine I guess is the key and if you suspect, get treated right away, really at this point, what more can you do? I will say though I think I am going to stay out of the malls and such for a bit (unless I really need to go) but I wont be keeping my kids home or in the house.

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