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When can i test ?

When can i test ?

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  • Mrs.whidden123 Mrs.whidden123's Avatar 08-01-12 | 01:33 PM
  • We had sex on the 27th 28th and 29th of july, my first day of my last period was july 13th . so i should be ovulating and fertile right? im supposed to start again in 8 days how long does it take before i can test ?
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 08-01-12 | 02:28 PM
  • I always waited until I missed my period. You won't be able to change your results either way and there is no use stressing about it!

    But if you really want to test sooner, I'm sure there are ladies here who know about all the timing and cycles that I could never wrap my heaf around! Good luck!
  • Payday1989 08-12-12 | 10:38 PM
  • I started my period on July 14, I had sex the 29th and I should have gotten my period between Aug 10 and today and it's not here. I have tested, but they have come back negative.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-13-12 | 12:38 AM

    to The Baby Corner, Mrs.Whidden.

    Your timing isn't too bad, depending on the length of your cycles, when you ovulated, and your luteal phase (the time between when you ovulate and when your next period starts). How long are your cycles (between the first day of one period to the first day of your next period)?

    A "perfect" cycle would start on day 1, then you'd ovulate on day 14, have a 14 day luteal phase and start your next period on day 28, which would be day 1 again. BUT--most women aren't like that; their cycles are off by 1-8 days. So it's important ot know YOUR OWN BODY and how it works. However, if you are one of the very, very few whose bodies works perfectly, if your period started on 7/13, you would have ovulated on 7/26 so intercourse on 2/27 and beyond wouldn't have been effective because to catch that egg, those sperm need to be knocking on the door BEFORE you ovulate.

    Ideally, you should start BD'ing every other day from cycle day 10 until after you're SURE you've ovulated.

    To be SURE you've ovulated, charting your cycle or using ovulation predictor kits are the only ways to know (outside of doctor intervention with blood tests or ultrasounds). OPKs can get expensive but learning to chart is simple if you take the time to learn how. And there are many online charting resources to help so you don't have to figure it all out yourself. I recommend Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It really is the handbook for learning how your body works if you're trying to achieve pregnancy. I learned so much about my body from that book (it was recommended to me from a ton of other ladies here

    Keep coming here with questions. So many of us have struggled to get pregnant or have been around the block enough times so we understand the confusion, agony of waiting, and curiosity it brings. So question is too silly--except those unasked!

    We're glad to have you here!

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