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"Who's God?" "Where's Heaven?"

"Who's God?" "Where's Heaven?"

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  • 3Princes 04-02-09 | 07:09 PM
  • We went to a funeral today. I was surprised that Josh had a lot of questions that I really didn't know how to answer--- and not too much throws me off! (Just yesterday he asked me how he and Matthew got out of my belly and I didn't even bat an eye!)

    Here's what he asked...
    "Who's God?"
    "Where's Heaven?"
    "What's Charlie doing in that box?"
    "What's 'dead' mean?"

    Any takers???? Josh is going to be 4 in 2 weeks. He's pretty bright but right at the 4 year old maturity level.
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 04-02-09 | 08:04 PM
  • I wouldn't know how to answer a 4 yr old about death & why somebody is laying in a coffin. My sole reason for not letting the girls get hamsters or small pets when they were little was so I wouldn't have to answer the questions!
    Luckily they never lost a relative or friend either.

    Anybody with God and religion questions gets sent to ask Daddy. I was brought up with very little religion and my dad is athiest so I'm not the one to ask.

    Every so often my girls come up with something quirky like "God is your friend. Even if you don't want him to be."
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 04-02-09 | 08:55 PM
  • Sarah has been asking how God got born for about a year now. She's not going to let up either

    I have no idea how to answer that because honestly, I have no idea

    the rest of the God and Death stuff is pretty to explain. I'm pretty upfront about all that and decided not to tiptoe around those issues. My kids are satisfied with the blunt truth of those issues as much as I suppose anyone can be.
  • 3Princes 04-02-09 | 08:57 PM
  • Right but I don't think he understood when I told him that he got sick and the doctors couldn't make him better, so he died. I don't want to say he went to sleep and didn't wake up, because I've heard of kids being afraid that they'll fall asleep and never wake up.

    As far as the God thing, I told him that God is up in Heaven. I told him that he is the one who made everything, and made all of us. I said that he decides who will come down to live on earth, and that when he decides they're done living on earth, he brings them back up to heaven. Then... we went past my grandpa's old house (who died a couple years ago), and Josh said "Oh, there's Heaven, over there, where Grampy's house is over there!"

    Last edited by 3Princes; 04-02-09 at 09:00 PM..
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 04-02-09 | 09:40 PM


    no, I explained it:

    God is the one that created everything you see and even some of the things you don't see.
    We come from heaven to live here on Earth for a while and when our time here on Earth is done, we go back to heaven. Sometimes, our time here is short, but usually it's until we are very old and our body just doesn't work anymore.
    Most old people's bodies are starting to get really tired of working. Some things like their eyes go bad so they need glasses. Their ears go bad so they can't hear any more and they need help hearing. Sometimes, their legs get weak and they need help walking. (with a wheelchair or with a cane or walker). Some things are things that old people can still live with. Like bad eyes. But some things are things that stop working that we can't live without. Like our heart. When our heart doesn't work right anymore, our body dies.
    But it's okay to die. That usually means we lived a very long and full life and got to grow up to have children and even somtimes get to have grand children. We get to do everything we wanted to do once we're old and by then we're ready to die and go back to heaven to be with God and all our other friends and family who have died before us.

    When I die - and I expect that I won't die for a long long time - I will be sad to leave Earth and all my family that lives here on Earth. But I will be happy because when I get to heaven, I will see all the other people in heaven who are waiting for me and there is a special trick that people in heaven get to do. The people in heaven get to see what is going on to the people on Earth so we can watch over the rest of the family that is still here alive.
    Isn't that a cool trick?


    and I go further into details about how people can die and how it's not scary and how those who die are usually ready to die and move on to their next great adventure in heaven.

    My kids talk all the time about dying and heaven and its not scary for them. I've been frank and direct with them and not made it a taboo thing and it's worked for us. Andrew just turned 6 but we've been talking about death and God etc for literally years. If they're old enough to question it, they're old enough to hear the long drawn out version of the truth too.
    What they can assimilate they will and what they can't.... they'll ask again later when they can.

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