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What restaurants serve a brunch type breakfast? Print Version

baby hungry 09-17-07 01:29 AM

What restaurants serve a brunch type breakfast?
Does anyone have any ideas where you could take a party for a brunch/breakfast?

Oreo 09-17-07 08:37 AM

For brunches I try to avoid chain restaurants. Check your yellow pages, lots will list Sunday or weekday breakfasts.

For a special event, many restaurants will open early and do it. We have used hotel restaurants for funeral breakfasts/brunches. To keep it cheap, you can try a VFW or lodge.

savannah33 09-17-07 09:10 AM

Personally one of the best brunch meals I've ever had was a buffet at a mexican restaurant. I can't remember the name of it but it was a chain and in Atlanta.

Mellie 09-17-07 09:35 AM

:yumm: Breakfast tacos....

:nervous: Sorry, I fell into a trance at the thought of a big Mexican food breakfast buffet. :lol:

A lot of smaller restaurants do the weekend breakfast buffets around here- always good. :)

Bethann73 09-17-07 09:47 AM

We tend to migrate to local caterers .. alot in our area also do a sunday brunch. :)