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Easter baskets... Print Version

MImom23 03-16-08 06:41 PM

Easter baskets...
Besides candy what do you put in your kids easter baskets??? Do you leave any sort of cake from the easter bunny?? My mom used to leave a bunny cake on the kitchen table and a small note from the easter bunny to be good til next easter. :bunny:

I plan on getting Destiny some seed starter and seeds for the garden, Christian a small wood kit to build a shelf and kaylee I have no clue. but I need some more ideas. i am gong shopping this week and have just started thinkng about this :loser2:

Chickie 03-16-08 07:18 PM

I do movies and books for everyone. Then I do small jewelry for the girls and usually some model or car thing for my son. I only get them each one small chocolate bunny, some robin's eggs (because I like them :bag: ) and jelly beans.

Oreo 03-16-08 07:49 PM

My boys will each get a choc. bunny and a movie or book. Maybe some sidewalk chalk.

brandimichelle 03-16-08 08:00 PM

I got Avery Veggietales movies... of course she's only a month old... won't be watching them for awhile...

Pumkin 03-16-08 09:03 PM

I usually get a movie, some books or a small toy of some sort then just a little candy. Usually Gertrude Hawke peanut butter smidgeons and little solid choc. eggs. Oh and this year I got a request for bubble gum eggs. :lol: