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Need some advice please..!! Print Version

clarra12 09-06-12 05:55 PM

Need some advice please..!!
Hi, Can someone advise me i have a marina coil in for about 3 years now and dont take a period just brown spotting every now and then.. Recently over the last few weeks i have became very tired moody and now i look a bit bloated also sicky feeling at weird times of the day i also have so calfs over the last few days, I am going to do a pregancy test tomorrow. i just dont want my mind going into over drive does this sound like signs. thank u

Dopey406 09-06-12 10:38 PM

If you have the Mirena IUD and think you might be pregnant, it is imperative that you find out ASAP because your IUD would need to be removed IMMEDIATELY. If you get a positive pregnancy test, it is very important that you contact your OB right away because becoming pregnant while having the Mirena IUD can be a very serious situation.

I'm not trying to send your "mind into overdrive" but you should find out soon if you're pregnant and take the necessary steps to ensure your health.

Dopey406 09-07-12 10:12 AM

Did you test this morning? :hmmm:

brandimichelle 09-09-12 01:24 PM

Here our doctors do not remove Mirenas after a positive pregnancy test for fear of disrupting the pregnancy... there is a high miscarriage rate with taking them out. I've delivered a few patients with Mirenas!