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When Will Food Craving Will Stop? Print Version

cspringer421 07-31-16 12:06 PM

When Will Food Craving Will Stop?

I don't know the exact term to used with this when my wife craves for some specific food and would ask me to buy it for her even 12 in the midnight.

How longs does a pregnant food cravings last? Is this ok for the first months or will it go to whole pregnancy period?

Tessfitz47 08-01-16 08:59 AM

I am going to be kind of blunt here, but no one should be asking their husband to go out and get something they are cravings at midnight. I think pregnant women make up the cravings or take a craving to the next level just b/c they are pregnant and use it as an excuse. If I wake up hungry I get a handful of cereal and go back to bed. Women only need 300 extra calories a day. She needs to take more control of herself.

HazelY 10-19-16 11:34 PM

2nd trimester, I guess