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BBOB (baby bump on the brain!)

BBOB (baby bump on the brain!)

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  • ShellTTC#1 11-10-08 | 02:59 PM
  • Hi Heidi, i know what you mean. I feel that way sometimes when i look at my friends kids. I had a really hard time this summer. It seems like everybody else gets pregnant so easily. 3 of my close friends were all pregnant this summer. Two of them delivered a couple of months ago. I get depressed sometimes, but when i do I take a step back. I pray and think about how blessed I am in in other aspects of my life. I also remind myself that this is all part of god's plan for us. He would never lay something upon you that you could not bear. You are strong and he believes in each of us. I believe it will happen when it's suppose to.
Thank you ShellTTC#1!
Mark'sbabygirl (11-10-08)
  • AshFind06 11-10-08 | 11:34 PM
  • I know how you feel your time will come soon enough hopefully all of ours will my husbands says its gods plan he knows when the perfect time will be (I know we all wish it was sooner than later though)