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I'm really crunchy I guess! I do give birth in the hospital as I'm high risk, but after that I breastfeed, cloth diaper, sling my babies and have a family bed.

Cloth diapers have come a long way! They go on just like a disposable does and they are soooo stinkin' cute! The only difference is you throw them in your washer vs filling up the landfills with them. They are easy to wash. Its not like you're beating them on rocks down by a stream! Just throw everything in the washer and they come out sparkling clean!

Its also faster to put on a cloth diaper then a disposable. You don't have to do the whole diaper rash cream thing. My girls never got diaper rash! My Ped loved the cloth diapers we used and said that my girls had the healthiest butts of all her patients! She planned on cloth diapering when she had kids after seeing mine!

My DH figured out that we saved a few thousand dollars with two kids using cloth. I had 2 in diapers at the same time for 2 yrs! I also made my own diapers, so that helped a lot in cutting down the cost. They were soooo cute as I used really cute prints and materials for the diapers!

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Thank you LAB!
saffy (09-23-08)
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I guess I am pretty crunchy as well.

I tried the coth diaper with my first (1992) and hated it. We literally used what I and most people use as "burp rags" now. LOL I hated the diaper pail smell and not getting help rinsing it or the diapers out. ARRGH But these new ones could be tempting, especially seeing money is so tight now.

My first 2 were born in the hospital with MD's. I had a horrible experience with my 2nd and the dr. put me on pitocin because he had already been there a while and wanted me to hurry and deliver so he wouldn't have to come back up. It was already like 8 in the evening, and my water had started leaking. They started the pit about 930 and by about 1030 I was ready to push. But, I couldn't get a nurse to believe me or check me because it was shift change. Finally I got someone in there just before midnight and she was born at 1218. My dh barely made it there, he got there 6 mins before she was born. He had gone out for a quick bite to eat before 1030 cause the dr. said it would be many hours.

My last 4 were delelivered by midwifes in a hospital. My dh wouldn't go for a homebirth or a birthing center (insurance wouldn't either). I did have excellant births with my midwives. On my 3rd she sat at the house with me for about 2 hours before we went in.

Wow, I am so sorry I went off topic.

I hope to have a midwife this time and I know he'd also never go for a home birth either. But we live about 45 mins from the hospital and I go quick, so I hope I don't get an ambulance birth. Plus being 43 will probably put me in the highere risk category. That's if we are blessed with getting pg.

I also nursed all 6 of them. They had a cradle next to my bed, but always ended up sleeping with me.

I tried the front carriers but they messed with my back way too much. I heard slings were better though. Maybe I can get some help with them.

So I guess I'm past creamy and a tad crunchy.
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Hmmm...I'm think I will be more mainstream I guess. Hospital birth is a must! Diapers I might have to think about. My mom said she raised me on cloth (and that was in the 80's so I'm sure there are big differences now) but sister who's had 3 kids has only ever used disposable. I'm a little nervous about breastfeeding because I'm very weird about my boob being touched (they are very sensitive!). Not to mention the fact breastfeeding was a very painful experience for my sister. I'm sure I feel differently when it's my time to be a mom!
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i wanted to use cloth, but was really afraid at night (of leaks) and going out it's much easier for me to use disposable. so...i'm about a third cloth, two thirds disposable. i would love to wear my babies, but my hefty breasts make it nearly impossible to use a sling. now that they're bigger i can sling them on my back, but it's just been easier to use a stroller. (if i go out for a walk with all three, i put the oldest and youngest in the double stroller and put the middle on my back).

i breastfeed and co-sleep, two things that are easy to manage in our house. if (and this is a pretty big if) we have another baby, i will definitely go back to the clinic where i had my three, i love the doctor and staff and have had nothing but stellar experiences there.
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I'm kinda in betweeny here. I will DEFINATELY have a hospital birth - I love my epi!

As for the rest:
Breastfeeding - I'm up in the air on this one. It was really difficult with Nolan and I ended it when he was 3 weeks old due to reflux problems. It would be SO easy to just do formula... I'm leaning more towards formula.

Cloth Diapering - I'm leaning to yes. I LOVED gdiapers when I used them but no one was "into" them and a friend of mine at work does all cloth and I am researching them for Nolan and another baby (someday!)

So I guess that makes me a 50/50 crunchy creamy mommy? LOL
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