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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 12-01-08 | 09:15 PM
  • Dh has a list of girl names, most of which I think are so-so (of course I can't think of any right now!)

    And for boys we like Reicher Centurion (I'm still not so sure on the spelling but dh likes it) or Archer but we don't have a middle name.
  • AshFind06 12-01-08 | 11:47 PM
  • boys names are SO VERY hard to pick out so if i have another boy i have no idea but if i have a girl we thought about these last preg in case we had a girl we like hannah marie or haylee marie and i like natalie but dont think dh does
  • baby hungry 12-29-08 | 06:27 PM
  • Yes.. for a girl we know, for a boy we change alot.
  • alb526 alb526's Avatar 12-29-08 | 07:31 PM
  • Our discarded girl names include Clementine(I loved it, don't ask me why) and Marguerite Josephine - Maggie Jo -after my Nanny and favorite aunt (also voted no by DH.) Boy names were Elliot Pax and Elliot Tomas.

    Now that we are pg, we immediately settled on naming the baby after my grandparents, who both DH and I keep dreaming of. Samuel Elliot and Carrie Louise. It was amazing - no more debates, no fights just agreed after the first ob apt.
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 12-31-08 | 02:01 PM
  • we waited 11 years for DD and never ever thought of names, when I finally got pg we finally chose a girl and boy name and the night before my c-section I woke DH up to say I wasn't sure on the girl name (sophie olivia) and we didn't actually think we would have girl so when DH told me after the section that it was a girl we suddenly had to think of a name because sophie just did not suit her. DH knew I had loved Lucy but had vetoed it as it sounded babyish (as in when she would be older) so he suggested Lucy and it just suited her
    no one liked the name at first but now its totally her. for our next one it will be the same I'm sure decide on a name and then change when he/she is born
    I like Rachel, Meghan and Sara for girls and it probably would be James (Jamie) for a boy after DH's dad who died 5 yrs ago...