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Just wanting to vent

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  • wendysue611 wendysue611's Avatar 08-05-08 | 04:05 PM
  • My husband and I have been married for 2 years now and finally got to the goal we wanted to reach before having kids (we wanted to wait 2 years so that would make me 23 and him 25 as well as buy our first house and get a dog). All is good right?

    Well back in September, my friend Jenelle and her boyfriend got pregnant by accident. We were all really shocked with that news. It wasn't more than a few weeks later, he left her, which wasn't very shocking news.

    Move on to March of this year, my husband and I had been playing the "let's go off all birth control and just see what happens" game since October and had one round of a late period and getting hopes up in March. About 2 days after AF showed her ugly face, was my friend Jenelle's baby shower. It was hard enough to even go, because we thought we close to getting pregnant had it didn't happen. While at the baby shower, my other friend Kristin announced to me that she was now pregnant (by accident with her loser boyfriend who later cheated on her more than once, surprise surprise) and that I better hurry up. (WHAT?! ME HURRY UP? HELLO!! I'm the married one with a good job and my own house! Who does she think she is telling me to hurry up? Ugh!

    Then in May, one of my best friends from my middle school years who I've kept in touch with on MySpace tells me that she just found out she's pregnant (also another surprise and unplanned baby).

    My husband and I had one more round of a late period in June. So we finally decided to try OPKs and hit it right on target. I finally saw those two pink lines I'd been dying to see for the longest time and within a week, AF showed up. I even had a positive blood test but we ended up with a chemical pregnancy.

    Sorry to share such a long story, but I just hate the fact that all my irresponsible friends are getting knocked up but my husband and I get so close but are still so far away. I wish that all of us who want it so badly but have such a hard time could PG just as easily as those who shouldn't be. I hope everyone gets what we are all wishing for. Thanks for listening/reading my long venting story!

  • LAB LAB's Avatar 08-05-08 | 04:25 PM
  • I'm so sorry you're going through so much pain! I was your age when I had my first (turned 24 a few months later) and I could have written your post then! Why could so many get pg so easily and on accident (causing so much heart ache and pain!) and we couldn't. I had a church leader ask me why we were waiting to have a baby as we had been married for nearly 2 yrs and it was "time". I burst into tears in front of him and told him it wasn't that easy
    It wasn't funny at the time, but I think he'll think twice before asking that question again!

    Take a deep breath! You're doing everything "right" and I hope you'll be blessed soon! Having a baby is hard and getting pg can be hard too! It will make you mature faster and appreciate that little baby more when he or she does come!

    We're here for you and understand! Its an understanding that comes from experience and will allow you to be more empathetic! I hope you get a sticky bean soon!

Thank you LAB!
wendysue611 (08-05-08)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 08-05-08 | 06:20 PM
  • I completely understand.I haven't had quiet the same experience as you.I was at the dentist yesterday (with my daughter) seen a lady come in who was pg and I thought nothing of it.Until later did I realize that she was outside SMOKING! All I wanted to do was take a nerf bat and hit her on the head! Then I thought of all of everyone here having some sort of trouble getting PG and here she is abusing it.My daughter had to say,"Let it go mom"! But my believe is god only hands you what you can take,everything happens for a reason and like Lab said."It will make you mature faster and appreciate that baby more". My best friend had 5 miss carriages and about to give up at the age of 27 when she had her first little one and then another right after.It will happen!
  • 3Princes 08-05-08 | 08:38 PM
  • Hi and welcome!

    Unfortunately many of us know how you feel. I work in an inner city school where plenty of parents get knocked up left and right and don't even want their kids or give them any attention. I also have recently seen a LOT of pg women smoking. It absolutely disgusts me.
  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 08-06-08 | 12:21 AM
  • Trust me you are not alone in those feelings! Don't feel bad. DH is 23 and I'm 24 and we've had 3 m/c, but now we are finally almost 9 weeks pregnant with our baby! I am a student teacher in a high school and last semester when we were having so much trouble I had at least one girl in each of my classes (FRESHMAN health) who was pregnant. And they treated it like such a joke or a way to get attention, one of them even had a baby shower after school one day and it seemed like all of her friends and her were treating the baby like a toy. One day I was trying to be polite and asked one girl what her plans were and she was like "I dunno, i'll be in school, my mom's going to take care of my baby"! GRRR!
    PLUS I work for an OB office and i take calls for girls allllll the time who have NO idea how far along they are, they'll just say, "i dunno, 4-6 months" WTF?! 4-6 months is a biggggg gap! and I've had girls and guys call and ask where they could get abortions!

    All of it bothered me tremendously when I was losing my babies, and it still does! I have always wondered why you have to have a license or permission to do so many things (drive, get married, buy a gun) but not to reproduce!?

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