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  • KJCsabre KJCsabre's Avatar 12-03-08 | 09:34 PM
  • EXACTLY! I LOVE teaching and I LOVE the children but I hate my boss and the working environment. I totally get that I work with women and they are moody (heck I am too some days!) but shesh the politics is getting OLD!

    I know about being slow - They did a voluntary lay off at Ahern too. Tim didn't take it, he worked but the paycheck for working was just as much as unemployment would have been and we could have saved money on no daycare had he just taken the layoff. That's his theory for next time. Although Tim's getting himself in an apprenticeship (sp?) program that will make him more money and more work. (some nights - not so sure on that one!)

    You can HAVE my cat for FREE! Seriously!!!
    He's great but super annoying to Tim, he hates cats!

    Anyway now that we've taken a whole topic about OT stuff

    that's what you get when you put two friends from high school together on a board when you haven't chatted for a while.

    Hoping the brewery picks up soon!!! I know how it goes to barely make ends meet! I'm looking into cloth diapering Nolan in order to save money as he HAS to have Huggies Supremes in order to not get a rash... we've found this out the hard way!
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 12-03-08 | 09:50 PM
  • Aww! Poor kid! Here's a question about cloth diapers, maybe you'll know and maybe you won't... For cloth diapers now-a-days, do you still have to rinse them, throw them in a bucket and soak them and all that jazz? Or how does that all work? Doug would like us to use cloth as well, but I'm kind of against it, in that I'm the one that does almost all the diapering and laundry, but I figure I should look into so that when we turn into the Duggar family (with # of kids, not how we raise them!), we can save money!
    Just kidding, we won't be having THAT many kids!

    If you're serious about your cat, I'll talk to Doug and see what he says!
    Just for sh!ts and giggles I might tell him anyway just to see what he says! Hehehe!

    My GOODness I wish we lived closer! It would be SO nice to hang out with my friends instead of having to type!

    As for Tim getting into an apprenticeship (I can't spell it either
    ), that's great! More money is always a nice thing to have! Doug is going to be looking into a librarian job... I know, it sounds pretty dumb, but it pays more than he makes now AND the benefits are better bc it would be a gov job (I think it's at the college or something)! I'll let you know what happens with that
    That would ALSO mean a NORMAL time of day ALL the time instead of 2nd or 3rd shift msot of the time! It would be at least 40 hours a week too, so it sounds like some overtime (I can handle that if it's not all the time!)

    Again with all the OT stuff hehehe... Anyway... Baby baby baby... That's all I can think about other than Christmas (I'm sure you saw what happened with THAT
    ) One of these days I'm gonna make the mistake of telling Doug to just go for it and see what happens and then regret that decision in 9 months when I have 3 kids under age 3! Hahaha!
    I don't think he'd go for that
  • KJCsabre KJCsabre's Avatar 12-04-08 | 09:02 AM
  • I think if you buy the newer styles you don't have to do all the soaking, etc. I am researching about it and it seems much easier! Tim is kinda against it but he also doesn't do the diapering or laundry so
    to him!
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 12-04-08 | 04:07 PM

    That's why I haven't started with cloth diapers (or looked into them at all!) bc I am the one that does all the work, and throwing away a diaper is jsut so much easier, hehehe.

    Oh, and there is a Catholic school down the street from us that is hiring teachers, you should move here by us and apply there
    It's something Academy, and it seems like one of those "prestigious" (sp?) type schools! Providence Academy, I think. They have pre-K-12 and (even though we aren't Catholic) we wanna see if we can get Douglas in just for the Greek or Latin classes (someday, not any time soon!)
    And hey, you'd live close to me and I could babysit Nolan for you for a TON less than you pay now

    Oh, and I told Doug the cat thing just to see what he'd say... He was just like, "oh yeah? Why's that?... I kinda would rather get a kitten though."
    I think he wants to get one from his Uncle's house or something, they have a bunch of out-door cats that are ALWAYS having kittens, so every summer they give a bunch away to the nieces and nephews and stuff. The cutest little things, let me tell ya!

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