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my friend seem to all be getting pregnant

my friend seem to all be getting pregnant

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  • stephjbme4 04-29-09 | 09:13 AM
  • and its hard to be around them now i feel like since i had a M/C i see and hear everyone being pregnant me and one of my good friends got pregnant the same month i lost mine but she is growing and now feeling her baby moving makes me sad to hear and hard to hang around them its selfish i should be happy for them but im mad that mine got taken away
  • Emerald76 04-29-09 | 10:58 AM
  • I am so sorry for your loss. We have been ttc for 6 mos. now and although I have yet to become pregnant, I feel so guilty that each time someone else tells me they are pregnant I just want to scream - it's not fair! That should be me! Deep down I really am happy for them, I just want to be able to be a mom and feel like I am working SO hard to make it happen while others don't even try and it just *poof* happens overnight. I even had a friend who got pregnant in Dec., had a mc and then immediately got pregnant the following month. I was like,
    ** Hang in there - your body is probably trying to get back on track and I hope you get a BFP and have 9 months to grow your beautiful baby
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 04-29-09 | 11:26 AM
  • It always seems that everywhere you look are pregnant women when you want to be pregnant. I think of it like getting a new car. Everytime I get a new car, I notice hopw many other identical cars are out on the road.
Thank you Janine!
stephjbme4 (05-02-09)
  • stephjbme4 04-30-09 | 12:26 AM
  • thank you guys its very true what you both said its hard and i try to be happy for everyone but deep down ill be sad intill i am pregnant i cant help it
  • SueMulvey SueMulvey's Avatar 05-01-09 | 05:19 PM
  • You are not selfish! I remember those days after MC and you swear to God that everyone you see has a beautiful round belly.

    Close you eyes and remember the gift will come to you too. If that doesn't help, just look at cute guys!

Thank you SueMulvey!
stephjbme4 (05-02-09)

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