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my friend seem to all be getting pregnant

my friend seem to all be getting pregnant

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  • armywife2434 01-29-10 | 03:51 PM
  • I'm so sorry for you loss ((((((hugs))))))) I hope everything gets better soon

    (blowing baby dust your way!!)
  • alynn6758 02-04-10 | 05:51 PM
  • You have every right to feel those feelings, perfectly natural...I will be praying for you, for God to give you comfort, even if it seems impossible. I will still pray for you.
  • armywife2434 02-16-10 | 06:42 PM
  • I know how you feel! Everyone is like OMG I hope I can concieve my 2nd, 3rd, 4th! And I'm like wow can I just get ONE!! It's so frustrating sometimes
  • RedHeadMomma 03-04-10 | 06:33 PM
  • totally agree with SueMulvey. there's no rush. it'll happen