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talked to the RE @ sex of babies

talked to the RE @ sex of babies

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  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 07-10-08 | 09:57 AM
  • Interesting! I thought it was the man who determined the sex? I don't know very much about clomid, but how does it makes more girls? Did she say?
    If I had two of the same sex, I would totally want the opposite, but having only one, I could go either way for #2.
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 07-10-08 | 10:33 AM
  • WOW I have two boys and I am on clomid this month so I really really really hope clomid produces me a girl
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 07-10-08 | 10:37 AM

    My Clomid baby is a boy..
  • 3Princes 07-10-08 | 11:48 AM
  • Well... who knows. I had never heard that before. But again, she said most everything winds up being 50/50 in the end.
  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 07-18-08 | 10:22 PM
  • I was on clomid w/ our 1st and he was a boy. No clomid with the 2nd, boy. No clomid with the 3rd and it was a girl. I did read online about the Shettles method. We never purchased anything just read about the timing and positions and tried those. (lots of missionary) Who knows if it helped or it would have been a girl regardless...