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Thinking about baby #3

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  • 3Princes 06-16-08 | 08:07 PM
  • The car thing is a hangup for me too. I don't think that our 2 kids and a baby would fit across the back of my dh's car, and my rendezvous will be a challenge too.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 06-16-08 | 09:05 PM
  • I'm still in for 3, but the more trouble Tommy causes the less DH wants it!!!
  • 3Princes 06-16-08 | 10:34 PM
  • Well.... I contacted the fertility specialist.
    I'm nervous, but I think we're gonna go for it, for better or for worse!
  • onemellogirl onemellogirl's Avatar 06-16-08 | 11:50 PM
  • I am currently expecting my third, and it was a very hard decision to make. My girls are from a previous relationship, and I had them very young. Their father left me and we haven't heard from him in years. I raised both of them as a single mother, and I swore I would never have any more children. Not long after I met DH, my youngest was diagnosed with Autism. The girls were 3 and 1 at the time. Skip foward 3 years later, and this past winter DH & I started to think about having one together; and I was very scared on what to do. The risk of being a single mother again, already having one child who was special needs, could it happen again, etc all went through my mind. We did our research, went to genetic specialists, talked to DD specialists, talked to other parents. And we made the decision to go for it. I think the one thing that really made us decide yes was the thought of DH & I sitting around 20 yrs from now regretting we didn't do it. I don't know how things will turn out, but I truly feel like I've already been thrown the worse things I could handle (besides death), and I'm strong enough to take whatever else may happen.

    Of course your story is a little different from mine, but wanted to share that having a third child is always a big question; no matter what you're circumstances are. I hope things turn out just the way you want them to, and wish you luck!
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 06-17-08 | 10:36 AM
  • Good Luck Jeanne!

    I think we've worked out the car situation. We were looking at cars online last night and couldn't find anything that would fit enough kids that we really liked. However my FIL owns a transmission shop and a lot of times people bring a car in, it costs more to fix than it's worth, so they just sign the titles over to him, he puts a new transmission in them, and sells them. He gets several minivans a year. So we decided that if we go ahead with one more baby, we will just buy an inexpensive minivan from him, just to keep around for the weekends when his daughter is with us.
    So that is one obstacle down. Now DH just needs to find a job that pays well enough for me to be a stay at home mom.