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Trying for a baby

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  • Carmie 10-05-14 | 12:13 AM
  • Hi there ladies and I just wanted to say good luck on your TTC and baby dusts to all. Let me just share here with you a site I've been using to track my ovulation period and I hope it could help everyone here, good luck.
  • anijohn1316 04-17-15 | 01:12 AM
  • Hi, Good luck to and i hope for a girl of you!
  • Anari 09-13-17 | 04:08 AM
  • Hello!
    My friends were definitely inspired by the experience of many couples abroad. By the way, they very often communicate with people on the forums, write messages and share their experiences. Finally, they decided to try their luck in Ukraine, Biotexcom clinic and now happy parents. They chose the all-inclusive package. All the necessary medicines, unlimited attempts and treatment are covered by the price of the package. And that's all I remember from what I was told, how about the procedure that goes there. When they arrived in Kiev, they were so nervous. Because they spent a very long time deciding on surrogate motherhood.
    The very first thing is that the couple should be officially married during the first meeting. Also the couple should show documents proving that a woman can not become pregnant. Then you need to conduct the necessary tests. Everything that was discussed with the contract and signed documents. The second purpose is to get sperm and extract eggs.
    On the same day eggs are fertilized. On the fifth day they transfer the embryo to a surrogate mother. After the embryo was transferred, the couple waits 2 weeks to determine the pregnancy of the mother's surrogate. Then a month later the first test takes place at the surrogate mother. Since then, she must do this every month. My friends received photos and videos from the procedure with a translation. At 32-34 week a hanging mother and my friends come to Kiev and they are all waiting for the birth in Kiev. After birth, the surrogate mother signs documents for the refusal of her child. Then my friends waited for the documents in the embassy to be ready. My friends have long dreamed of having a child. First they searched for a clinic in England. They live there. But unfortunately there is no commercial surrogate motherhood. Then they began to look for a clinic abroad. But since they often read the forums, they read many positive reviews about this clinic, so they chose it. And in England, non-commercial surrogate motherhood is allowed. When a sister, relative or friend of a childless couple becomes a surrogate mother. But surely this girl should do it for free. But for them this option was unacceptable. Imagine that you will see a mother's entire life and she will see your child. And anyway, which of the girls wants to do this for free? It's stress for the body.