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  • tiaonia tiaonia's Avatar 09-23-08 | 03:16 PM
  • all of the above for me... ive never had a chance to experience anything like it
  • wendysue611 wendysue611's Avatar 09-23-08 | 06:49 PM
  • Right now for me, I'm looking forward to being pregnant and watching myself transform and then bring this little person into the world 9 months later.
  • ChillyPepper ChillyPepper's Avatar 10-31-08 | 11:15 PM
  • Im looking forward to sharing the experience with my other half, as this is our first together, and in sharing it with the other kids.

    Every little thing they all do is so special, and I think I just am looking forward to 'absorbing' the ENTIRE experience with everyone around us. =)
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 11-01-08 | 01:07 PM
  • I love the first couple months where they spend hours sleeping on your chest like little angels and you just stare at them wondering that this miracle came out of you!