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3Princes 06-10-08 03:17 PM

If you had another child, what are your favorite names for himor her?

DanieH 06-10-08 03:19 PM

Well, if it would be a boy, he would be a Junior...Christopher or CJ for short. For a girl...I dont even want to think about it. There was a lot of names I liked, but DH shot them down when I was pg w/ Nicole.

3Princes 06-10-08 03:20 PM

For a boy, the contenders are...
Justin, Jason...
I joke around about naming him after his brothers--- Ryan Nicholas (those are the boys middle names) but I would consider it.

For a girl....
I like Jenna, Marissa, Melissa, Madeline, Julianna, Julia, and hmmmm I'm sure there are more.

Janine 06-10-08 04:15 PM

We had decided on Rhiannon if Tristan was a girl.

A boy would be Erik Matthew.

Keepers 06-11-08 04:53 PM

For a girl(which I am hoping for) her name would be Presley-Kate and another boy his name would Bear.