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Really sad this time (downer) Print Version

3Princes 06-28-08 04:20 PM

Really sad this time (downer)
I don't know why....
I tried the vitamin b6 this month and i actually got a + opk on cd 17 instead of 21, so I thought I might actually have a shot at getting pg all by myself this time (well, not by myself, but without medical intervention).

This morning my temp was down to 97.5 and I am crampy and cranky as hell. Today is only day 24. :cry: I think I'm especially pissedbecause we are going to the indoor waterpark for 3 days and I'm going to be otr the whole time. :cry:

I should be telling myself that this will get the show on the road for next cycle. I should also be telling myself to stop being such a big baby... plenty of people don't have any pgs under their belts.

Oreo 06-28-08 04:29 PM

:bighug: It's ok to be sad and mad and everything!!! It sucks when our bodies don't make it easy for us to have our heart's desire.

I wish you had gotten your :bfp: also.

I hope the saddness passes quickly and you can have fun at the waterpark with the beauties you do have... Then put the balls to the wall!!!

3Princes 06-28-08 04:36 PM

It'll be fun...but my periods are so heavy and thats annoying at the waterpark.