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3Princes 07-02-08 09:54 PM

The new, improved, updated plan
I'm going to be poked and prodded over the next 3 weeks, but it's all for a good cause! (I hope)

1. Go for my pap either tomorrow if I'm not hemmorhaging, or early next week, if I am.

2. Go for hsg on July 9!

3. Go for my fillings and x-rays at the dentist!

4. Have sex and an iui.

Hopefully.... have a baby next April or so!

Oreo 07-02-08 11:01 PM

Sounds like an awesome plan!! I like how you fit the dentist in all the TTC business.

I hope you are joing the due date groups before you can blink an eye!!!


Janine 07-03-08 04:23 PM

Sounds like a plan!

the_littleminx 07-06-08 01:12 AM

GOoD lUcK :D

Dopey406 07-06-08 10:47 AM

:luck: Your plan sounds great!! :D

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