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3Princes 07-07-08 07:56 PM

I just took the first dose. I'm already feeling weirdness in my ovaries hahaha.
Let's hope this is the only cycle for this stuff.

100mg, balls to the wall, here we come! HSG is on wednesday!

amitrat 07-07-08 09:12 PM

I had hot flashes. Good luck!

Oreo 07-07-08 09:30 PM

My first dose is tomorrow -- 50mg...

I'll let you know... I'm sure hoping it goes down cool and stays cool since it's going to be over 90 here and humid.

3Princes 07-07-08 09:34 PM

I didn't get hot flashes. I've taken it before. The worst part for me was the second cycle of it for some reason. I turned into super-b!tch, and just feel like crap. The nurse suggested taking the medsat night, but that didn't seem to help much.
I'm on 100mg too-- balls to the wall, remember???

Janine 07-08-08 10:08 AM

Good Luck!