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I should not be doing this but look! Print Version

3Princes 07-07-08 08:56 PM

I should not be doing this but look!




amitrat 07-07-08 09:17 PM

They know me by name in that store. I think Ashley wears 80 percent Gymboree. If you notice the picture of her at the bottom, her outfit matches that cherry dress.

3Princes 07-07-08 09:21 PM

The only things from gymboree that get on my kids butts are things from the $3.99 sale rack. But their girl clothes are SO CUTE.
See I do have some restraint when it comes to the boys clothes only because there is a limited amount of them and they're all pretty much the same. But with girl clothes, and SHOES, OMG I would have to get another job I think!

Oreo 07-07-08 09:25 PM

Here is my contribution to baby dreams!!!


I could buy everything they have!!

3Princes 07-07-08 09:27 PM

Those are cute. Are we thinking :bbear: ?
But my kids would have yogurt on them in 2 mins. I need things I can toss in the wash.