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Not the only one around here... Print Version

3Princes 07-08-08 12:23 PM

Not the only one around here...
One day awhile back, I randomly asked Josh what he would think of another baby. I said something like...

"So, what would you think if we had another baby? So there would be Josh, and Matthew, and a baby?"

He said...

"A BAAA-BEEEE????? Oh yes, yes mommy. I want a girl baby like Snow-fia." (his friend at school)

I swear that was a month or more ago.

So yesterday were were at the baby store looking for another booster for Josh, and he saw one of those strollers with an infant carrier in it. He yells, "stop mommy stop! Are you going to get that stroller right there??"
I asked him who was going to ride in the stroller.
He said "our new baby!!!!"

Today at Wal-mart, he saw the baby display and told me again I should buy a stroller for our baby. I said a baby's not coming yet.
He said--- "BUT MOMMY... you said, me, and Maffew, and a baby!"

They remember the darndest things.

Janine 07-08-08 01:52 PM

:lol: yeah...Evidently Kimmie overheard her daddy's plans to start a new family with his wife and told us she was pg like 6 months before she actually was.

Keepers 07-08-08 02:01 PM

I asked my soon to be three year old what he wanted for his birthday, his reply "I want a baby" :(

Oreo 07-08-08 03:31 PM

Joe and Tommy are all over having a new baby sister!! They mention it, but I don't, so I know it comes straight from them.

juliemo 07-18-08 04:30 PM

I ask the boys if they want a baby brother or sister and they always say sister!! I like the way they think lmao!