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I keep lurking.... Print Version

jennigirl 07-08-08 11:08 PM

I keep lurking....
since I found this forum! It's great........and I'm finally brave enough to post that yes, I am dreaming. Noah is only 5 1/2 months old, but I'm 35 and don't want to wait too long to have a second. Now if only DH was dreaming too.........sigh. He's stuck on having only one. :reye:

rudolphia 07-08-08 11:33 PM

Jenni, I thought Noah's birth convinced you that he should be an only child :lol:

jennigirl 07-08-08 11:37 PM

you are absolutely right Rudi.......and yet here I am....crazy maybe! :laughing:

3Princes 07-09-08 10:14 AM

We started ttc for Matthew when Josh was 9 months old, which was when my OB said it was OK. i had a hard time getting pg with Josh and I was 30.

DH was not excited about baby #2 but I insisted on it. A couple weeks ago (and Matthew is 17 months old now) he FINALLY said I was right about it. There is a neighbor girl who is an only child, and her best friend moved out of the house next door. So she is so lonely now and we see her on her bike just roaming around. Dh looked at me the other day and said, "You were right. Josh and Matthew are always going to have eachother. I feel bad for that girl."

3Princes 07-09-08 10:16 AM

Oh, and dream away! We are *out of control* over here! Or.. at least I am!