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3Princes 07-09-08 09:09 PM

I was at dillards today... and they had rufflebutts! I thought of you! I actually almost bought 2 of them for us. They were on sale too. Cute little dresses with ruffle butt undies!!!!!! I found cute ones for $6.99!

But alas.... I resisted.

Oreo 07-09-08 09:25 PM

:lol: a
I know three or four places to get them from and once I get the word, I'm all over it!!!

If I ever get a girl, she is coming home from the hospital in them!!!

Thanks for thinking of me!! I sure hope your RE is right about the girl/chlomid connection!

3Princes 07-09-08 09:28 PM

Where ???? Do tell!

jennigirl 07-10-08 09:59 AM

oh, I love those little frilly dresses! When we were TTC Noah I had a tonne of girl clothes given to us by DH's SIL who had 3 girls and is done, so I went through it and hung a little yellow sundress in our room, a reminder to DH of what we were trying to do! :rotfl: I hope poor Noah didn't get any girlie vibes from it!

Keepers 07-10-08 10:22 AM

Clomid girl? Do tell!