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I think tomorrow might be the day... Print Version

3Princes 07-16-08 08:56 AM

I think tomorrow might be the day...
That I get my +opk! That would mean an iui on Friday....

Oh and by the way, I did an opk with fmu and one with 2mu and the 2mu one the second line was way darker-- not darker thanthe control line but darker than the 2nd line was with FMU.

~Kelli~ 07-16-08 09:01 AM

good luck :nod: and good idea on using the 2 opks :lol: nice to 'KNOW' you tried both and got the darker line ;)

Janine 07-16-08 09:56 AM

Good Luck!:babydust:

jennigirl 07-16-08 12:46 PM

Good luck!!!!