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3Princes 07-22-08 03:13 PM

Another weird thing
I don't know if I mentioned this before, but somehow, I got in enfamil's "pg mommy" list. A few weeks back, they sent me 2 regular sized cans of enfamil. I mean not the sample ones but the big ones. Then yesterday I got some checks.

Well.... today in the mail, I got the little "starter kit" from pampers! It has the little newborn swaddler diaper, and a bunch of coupons and a book about pregnancy.

Is this a cruel joke???? I haven't signed up for anything and really this time 1/10 of the people who usually know even know we are ttc.

I hope it's a sign.

LAB 07-22-08 03:36 PM

Fingers crossed for you! I remember getting stuff like that and I never signed up! I thought my OB turned in my name or something!

Laura :)

3Princes 07-22-08 03:39 PM

Yeah--- when I was pregnant I got it. I stopped getting the stuff a long time ago. And I never used enfamil.

Oreo 07-22-08 05:03 PM

Give the formula away on freecycle or at your church.

I'm sure it was your doctor's office.

I hope it is a sign of good things coming your way!!! :xfingers:

Mark'sbabygirl 07-24-08 12:37 AM

I kind of know how you feel....I subscribed to "FitPregnancy" magazine, just to be prepared and now I get all kinds of stuff for pregnant women....sometimes I get a little sad seeing all the pretty pregnant women and I am not one of them, YET! I do love the magazine! Hopefully all of the stuff will be useful to me in the VERY near future!!!

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