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ChandyRae 08-25-08 04:08 PM

I just abused the pregnancy calculator and found that if I get pg with this cycle, I would already be two weeks pregnant! That means only 38 weeks left! It's like a bonus 2 weeks without any work at all. :laughing:

LAB 08-25-08 04:17 PM

Don't ya love it!

Laura :)

amitrat 08-25-08 05:04 PM

That's the way it works with every pregnancy, a free 2 weeks up front!

ChandyRae 08-25-08 06:13 PM

I know that's how it always works, it's just hilarious to think that I could already be considered two weeks pregnant..! :lol:

hopeful7 08-26-08 01:16 PM

Isn't it crazy to be pregnant before you even truly are! Just crazy how things are calculated.