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Trying to move on Print Version

3Princes 09-09-08 10:32 PM

Trying to move on
I've been trying to get used to the idea of moving on from ttc. It's been kind of a nice thought to possibly be diaper free by next summer.... no more sippy cups except in the car, going to do fun stuff, etc. Plus I was able to cover our child care with family, which I wouldn't have dreamed of doing if I had a baby on the way.

It's pretty much fine, unless I see a baby or a pregnant woman, or sometimes, baby clothes. Like today, a teacher who just had a baby came in with her baby from maternity leave. I just couldn't go in and see them. I asked my doctor today about donating my extra injectible cartridges and she said-- sure you can donate them, but you need to make sure you won't be using them first.

I'm still trying to decide what I want to do. Right now it's kind of nice not knowing exactly which cycle day I'm on.

countrycutieluv 09-09-08 10:50 PM

I know we miss you over here.I understand the entire pro and con list. I sure hope something unexpected happens for you.:bighug:

pearlgirlulm 09-10-08 12:20 PM

I hope that what you want happens!

louise1875 09-12-08 05:41 AM

It must be hard!! You just dont know though. Afrien do mine admitted it just wasnt goon happen after 15 years of trying!! She and DH adopted 2 year old twins. The next year - presto!! I know people say all these things and its no consolation when you are trying to accept things as they are. What will be will be

jennigirl 09-12-08 08:16 AM