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3Princes 09-16-08 06:52 PM

wishful thinking
Ok.... I really want another baby.

But I want to ttc like "everyone else" gets to. Where you dtd a couple times for a couple months and then BAM you're pg and then 9 months later BAM you have a happy healthy bouncing baby boy or girl, and then BAM you live happily ever after, or something like that. I know I shouldn't get jealous and I should be happy for people, but I AM jealous, and angry that it's not like that for me. I'm surprised I don't see a green monster when I look at myself in the mirror! I know I should shut up, because there are people who *never* get to carry a child, I really do know that, but I can't help it.

But, I think I might want to try again with an IUI and some clomid and hcg. We'll see at the end of this month.

3Princes 09-16-08 06:53 PM

Oh, and I hope this didn't offend any of our newly pregnant ladies. I wish you nothing but the best and I'm certainly happy for you. :hugs:

countrycutieluv 09-16-08 07:00 PM

:bighug: I am sorry but somewhat understand your frustration! I don't think you could offend anyone if they truly understand what you have gone through.
I sure hope you will be joining us TTC soon! :xfingers:

LAB 09-16-08 07:16 PM

:ghug: It doesn't matter how the baby gets here! The important part is filling the empty space in your heart for a child! I sincerely hope there is a June baby in your future!

Laura :)

Janine 09-16-08 07:56 PM

:bighug: I know you've been struggling with this a lot. I hope you get the baby you want!