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Keepers 09-17-08 07:32 PM

When I left the doctors office today I was driving down the interstate and I noticed a car tag that said BFN 4538 and then I saw a girl in my Speech class tongiht that shirt said "Timing is Everything"

What the heck? :laughing:

3Princes 09-17-08 09:45 PM

aw crap!

I hope it's NOT a sign!

Keepers 09-17-08 10:03 PM

Me too!!!

hopeful7 09-18-08 10:38 AM

Think positive...we've got the timing under control. Haha, you're timing the BDing around ovulation. How much better timing can we get!

Keepers 09-18-08 10:45 AM

I hope that was a good sign to over power the car tagx)