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3Princes 09-22-08 10:34 PM

do you ever
Look at baby clothes? :bag:

Where do you do it? Online or in the store?

What makes your heart go pitter patter the most?

countrycutieluv 09-22-08 10:51 PM

I look in the store,Dh does it too! I would have to say the thing that gets me the most is the cute outfits.Boys or girls there both so cute.The best i would say is the Camo ones! My dh is a avid hunter so i have come to love the camo look.:lol:

3Princes 09-22-08 11:08 PM

I do.

I'm a sucker for little girl clothes... especially ruffle butts.

Mark'sbabygirl 09-23-08 11:53 AM

I usually take a gander when I am in a store. My heart went the most pitter patter when I was shopping with DH and we saw a little boy outfit with tools all over the front that said "daddy's little helper". I know that's what DH dreams about! I almost bought it anyway, but we were in our first month TTC and I didn't want to "curse" it, lol. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

pearlgirlulm 09-23-08 12:27 PM

I am different. I never look. It just became too hard. So I usually avoid that area unless I have to buy a gift. Even then I don't think about what if I had a boy or girl what would I buy. My SIL in different she actually buys clothes on sale when she does have a baby.