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3Princes 09-22-08 11:03 PM

When you think of your unborn child, who does he/she look like? What's his/her personality?

3Princes 09-22-08 11:07 PM

When I found out Josh was a boy, I thought he would look just like I did. Dark brown- almost black hair, big brown eyes, and chubby cheeks with freckles.
I got the cheeks right.
I thought his personality would be just like mine, and it really is. He's sensitive, scared of things sometimes, stubborn

When I got pregnant with Matthew, I thought he would look exactly like Josh. While they have their differences, they basically look alike. I knew he was going to be my active baby... and he sure is.

If I were to have another baby, I imagine him/her looking just like the boys. I imagine the personality being somewhere in between the 2 boys, with a whole lot of sweetness added in.

countrycutieluv 09-22-08 11:07 PM

Well he/she mostly she.I don't know why I always think of a girl.But she has my determination,stubbornness and my dh carefree outlook.
She has long blond hair piggy tail braids and glasses.I wear them.The way I would describe what she looks like is the girl version of the boy off the movie Jerry Mcquire.
I don't know why but I think he was such the cutest kid.