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tiaonia 09-23-08 03:20 PM

welll dh and i have agreed on a girls name: Shawnee Marie

and as for a boy i cant get any imput from him about it but if i get my way it will be: Draven Michael
named for one of my best friends (RIP)

Keepers 09-23-08 03:23 PM

My son had a boy in his PreK class named Draven. I hadnt heard of it before that. I like Shawnee. very cute.

saffy 09-23-08 04:48 PM

I am really stuck on a boys name and had the same trouble with my other sons as well. We do have Patrick picked out probably for a middle name in memory of Mike's brother. I don't like it for a first because I don't care for the nick name Pat.

For a girl we both like Madison Emmalee (Emmalee after his grandma). I would love to call her Maddie Em, but I am wondering if Madison has gotten to popular.

For a girl I liked Brooklyn but he doesn't. It would be in memory of my mom who died when I was 11. She was born there and I would prefer it over her name which is Patsy Kay. Her brother, my sister and I have already used Kay in our girls.

3Princes 09-23-08 05:36 PM

I have no idea. If it were another boy, we'd be screwed because we've used all the names we liked as first and middle names. With Josh, we were thinking either Joshua Davis (Davis is my maiden name) or Ryan Michael (Michael is DH's name) but wound up going with Joshua Ryan.
With Matthew, we were thinking Matthew Phillip or Nicholas Phillip but wound up going with Matthew Nicholas.
I've said more than once that if we had another boy, we'd name him Ryan Nicholas, after his 2 best friends, his brothers.

There are a bunch of girls names we like. Madelyn, Jocelyn, Jenna, Julia, Madeline, Marissa, Melissa, (We'll prob do a J or M name- since Josh and I are "J" and Matthew and dh are "M")

wendysue611 09-23-08 06:53 PM DH and I always have discussed children's names. Even back before we were ever engaged!

Anyways, I love all the different names you ladies have shared. I've seen my fair share of interesting and just plain weird names since we have over 300 students at my dance studio....all primarily girls too.

We have our boy's name picked and it would be Patrick Jeffrey. Our best man died about two months after the wedding and was my DH's best friend. His name was Patrick and it's only perfect for if we ever have a boy (Jeffrey is DH's middle name)

Girl names are very difficult. I guess we'll sit down and discuss more when the day comes that we need to!