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nisey79 01-03-09 01:03 AM

If we have another child we would like for it to be a boy so that Xavier would have a brother. We were so stuck for girl names before. The only other boy name we liked was Asher although I do like the name Darby

CarolleZ 01-05-09 08:06 PM

We'd be naming our boy Darius Lucien and our girl Sophie Malinda

brandimichelle 01-16-09 02:25 PM

We'd be naming our daughter either Piper Brynn or Addison __?__.

We'd be calling our son Jude... not sure if it would be Julien or Julius or what, but definatly calling him Jude.

Janine 01-16-09 02:36 PM

Well,now that dh and I are actually to the point where we are about to try again... the names we had picked out before are up in teh air again too. We still like Erik Matthew, but we are also tossing around Logan Conner. I think we still like Rhiannon, but we don't have a middle name to go with it, and I am starting to think Rory might be a cute nickname to go with it.

HopingFor#3 01-19-09 03:51 PM

I really like Casey for a girl.

For a boy I like Wesley, Dominic and Bennett