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margalicious 10-22-09 11:08 AM

If I'm going to have a baby boy I'll have it named Santino. And if it's a girl I'll name it Patricia. But the problem is I have a PCOS. sad to say but true.

KJCsabre 10-27-09 01:50 PM

Our girl name has changed and now is set in stone (or at least for now) but since my great-grandma passed we want to honor her by using her name Agnes.

Our girl name will be

Ellison Agnes

Patience 10-30-09 10:31 PM

I really like that name.  I have never heard the name Ellison but it is really beautiful. Unique but not "out there" feminine but not overly frilly. KWIM?

Also beautiful that you are honoring your great grandmother.

KJCsabre 10-30-09 10:53 PM

Thanks :) Nolan is "different" too but not too crazy and I want to keep a theme with my names so we wanted something not too crazy but not common...

Also, if I get a girl she will be an only girl (unless for some odd reason we have twins!) because DH only wants 2 children - and if we have 2 boys I have him talked into TTC one more... so I can only have 3 total... Anyway... the reason for the tangent is I wanted something "girly" ya know since she will be the only girl! :laughing:

Long explanation for a dream!!

heliashorizon 03-31-10 06:49 PM

The names I like are
Maura Sophia Belle (Maura Sophia will be a combined name)
Eva Rose Sue or Suzanne (not sure yet)
Either Quinn Tara Marie
or Faye Tara Marie (not sure yet.)

A boy Ashton Paul
Mason Joseph
Broderick Justin
Ramsay Mitchell