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SabrinaA 04-20-10 07:16 PM

We are going to name our baby boy Bryson Matthew. If he would have been a girl she would have been named Sophia. I really wanted Oliver or Grayson, but I am happy with Bryson. :)

Autumnfire11 05-05-10 05:13 PM

Ooo I really like the name Bryson and Grayson. Grayson is on my list for a boy.

saffy 05-06-10 02:21 AM

Grayson was on my list for my 2nd son, but dh wouldn't go for it. Oliver was my first choice for my 4th son and everyone thought I was crazy. I lost out and dh won : (

This baby would have been Weston Michael Patrick, but she is going to be an Emmalynn : )

SabrinaA 05-10-10 09:39 PM

Dh wouldn't go for Grayson or Oliver either. :( I don\'t see how Grayson is soo horrible to him when he really loves Bryson?
He\'s a funny one.

BabyWanted 06-03-10 03:33 PM

I\'m stuck on either Jameson or Delilah...obsessed with both!

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