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DemaDema 07-12-10 07:26 PM

Yes, the list changes. But, for now if it is a girl her name will be

Saphira Sky

But, for a boy we don't know.

LolaZ 07-15-10 11:48 AM

We are hoping for a boy and we are liking Xzavier or Zavier for the first and Alexzander for his middle name. My DH has a thing with the letter z and the another reason why he wants to add the z to the first name is that he doesn't want his family calling him Javier. Haha! Our DD's name is Izabella. If we have a girl I am not sure what we will call her I will probably need to find a name that a z can be used in....Hehe my DH is crazy!

thefairy229 03-05-11 03:38 PM

We've been talking about this a lot recently and have finally agreed!

For a girl: Aubrey Debra (my mom's middle name is Debra. It's a bit of a tradition for our family. I have my grandma's middle name, so I'll give my daughter my mom's!)

For a boy: Jayden Wayne (my husband's middle name is Wayne.)

Zygotta 04-26-11 09:33 AM

We were looking for names that would be more international - to make things easier for our parents, who don't speak English.
We want three kids. We have two girl names and one boy name: Lisa, Sonya, and Tim.
All we need now is... to actually get pregnant!

KJCsabre 04-26-11 11:01 AM

Well it's been a while since I've posted here... sadly our names change a lot since we aren't really TTC but with the recent oddities in my cycle I have been thinking a lot about names again:

So far we have:
Alyssa Georgiana
Alyssa Agnes
Ellison Agnes

Beckett Timothy
Mason Timothy
*Basically he's got to have Timothy as his middle name!*