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ok...i think i will admit... Print Version

Twinkies_Mom 10-24-08 06:38 AM

ok...i think i will admit...
i want another baby. i have been tossing around the idea for a little while. i think i will dream for a little bit longer...and start TTC soon....i just don't know when the "right"time will be. DD is 14 months and I don't want to have her and a new baby at a babysitter together since that will cost 1200 a month. Since i get the year off from work, I think I will have to wait until this time next year :(

Mark'sbabygirl 10-24-08 10:52 AM

Can't hurt to think ahead!!!!

Janine 10-24-08 01:40 PM

I'm rigth there with you Lucy! We were thinking we'd be able to try again at the begining of the year, but now it looks like we'll wait until at least next summer.

3Princes 10-25-08 08:16 PM

:hugs: Hope you're on your way to ttc soon!