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BBOB (baby bump on the brain!) Print Version

Mark'sbabygirl 11-10-08 11:44 AM

BBOB (baby bump on the brain!)
My DH and I make and sell bird houses. This weekend we were at a high end swapmeet to sell them and there were PREGNANT WOMEN ALL OVER THE PLACE! GEEZ! it also didn't help that our spot was pretty close to a baby furniture place. There were lots of pregger women there picking out baby furniture and bedding, SIGH. As if it wasn't on my mind ALL THE TIME ALREADY! One woman was so cute- she looked to be 7 or 8 months or so- waddling up the stairs to use the bathroom. One woman walked by with her small baby in a stroller and was SMOKING! She was leaning forward pushing the stroller and smoking so the smoke was going RIGHT INTO THE BABY'S FACE! ARGHHH!!! That one made my husband and I SO mad we wanted to SCREAM AT HER! We settled for giving her dirty looks instead. It's just so hard seeing all these pregnant women when we want it so bad......

Keepers 11-10-08 11:55 AM

your time is coming!

Mark'sbabygirl 11-10-08 12:31 PM

What would I do without you LeAnn! And, your time is coming too! You know girls are always fashionably late!!!

Keepers 11-10-08 01:22 PM

Thats what I keep thinking....Girls are always late!!! Fingers Crossed X

Mark'sbabygirl 11-10-08 01:32 PM