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DanieH 12-23-08 09:09 AM

Last night Chris made mention about having another child. :huh: We talked for over a hour last night about it. I'm still on the fence. I mean...I never got rid of anything b/c I guess in the back of my mind maybe we would try 1 more time and try for a boy. He said we would try everything in the book for a boy. :lol: I understand how Chris feels...when Nicole is out of diapers we wouldnt want to try for another and then looking back wondering if the 3rd time would be a charm. He mentioned he would be the one to get snip after the 3rd, which I dont care who has surgery. Im just scared....IDK...I have so many mix emotions now...He mentioned the $50,000 truck that he wants to buy would be gone...and the boat that he wanted to get in 5 years has been pushed back. He plans on going back to work as an automatic...He enjoys the work, but not the job(if that makes sense). If he needs to pick up a 2nd job, he will. He sounds like he's really serious about this. IDK...Im thinking of my mom right now since shes watching the girls...Chris said I cannot think about others. We have to do whats right for us. :wacko: I always said I wanted at least 2 no more than 3, but I guess ive always been leaning more to the 2 side. LOL I dont need to make a decision now, but its something I need to think about. I always know Chris wanted to try 1 more time for a boy, but he said that orginally, looking back, that 2 was enouh. Now Nicole is getting older and becoming more independent, he wants that baby again. I personally enjoy my nights of sleeping and not waking up for feedings anymore or planning a baptism or planning the 1st bday party...I just dont know...Part of me is leaning more to the side of yes...lets try 1 more time b/c I dont want to look back and wonder what if...but the other side of me is leaning toward no...Im content w/ my girls....

Keepers 12-23-08 09:27 AM

WOW your lucky to have a husband so willing LOL. It took a while to talk my hubby into having a third and he is still nervous! Of course we have been trying for a third for 18 months, first two had no prob conceiving. And hes right, you cant worry about what others think. No regrets!

DanieH 12-23-08 09:33 AM

Then DH doesnt go to work this morning and then I wonder if he's truely serious, he would work!

Keepers 12-23-08 09:54 AM

Maybe he wants an extra day for Christmas LOL

Janine 12-23-08 10:30 AM

I know how you feel Danie...Dh and I are in the same place. I go back and forth about another baby all the time. I want another...I always wanted 3-4 kids and since my step daughter isn't with us full time we really only have 2.5. But at the same time, I do enjoy their independance and teh fact that I don't have to do feedings or bottles, they sleep through the night ect. And If we were to have another child we would need to get a bigger vehicle for the weekends when we would have 4 kids. And I am really wanting to get a mustang for my next car.
Right now we have kind of left everythign up in teh air to see what Dh's job situation is goin to do. We are trying to pay off debt so I can quit work. Plus he is trying to get his Administrators license. We don't know if he'll be able to get it in time to look for new jobs this summer or if we'll have to wait another year.
Having Kimmie tore me and my first husband apart...but having Tristan brought me and Jason even closer together and it was such an amazing experience, I would really like to do it again with him.