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jenisuzy 05-06-09 07:22 AM

Timing ??
So I took off doing BBT/OPK last month, just needed a break & had lots going on. This month, I wanted to get back at it, although I opted to just use OPK ( I use the clearblue easy with smiley face guy) & ease back into things. This week on Monday & Tuesday CD 10/11 I noticed CM. Today, CD 12 I did my OPK first thing this am and it was a big fat :gbounce: So it worked out that DH was still home reading the newspaper, of course we had to BD since I just had gotton that result. I plan on BD tonight & tomorrow for sure. Just wondering if there is still a chance I completely missed the chance this month since no BD took place on Mon. & Tues. when I had noticed the CM starting up. Any thoughts ???

Keepers 05-06-09 10:29 AM

I think you will be ok. It probably would have up'd your chances a bit if you had but I think if you BD twice today and tomorrow you can feel good about the timing. I hope it works out for you and you are prego in no time!!!