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i have baby dreams all night Print Version

stephjbme4 05-09-09 11:29 AM

i have baby dreams all night
last night alone i had 3 dreams that me and my friend we at a hotel and i bought a test cause i wanted to drink but not sure if i was pregnant and then took the test but the line was barely there and i had no idea what to do, soo after having so man dreams i took a test this morning i was going to wait till tomorrow for mothers day i thought kinda i see a line but not really i think i do but so faint you would have to look at it in the brightest light so ill just have to retest monday

NormanLUnderwood2010 06-18-10 06:34 AM

i have baby dreams all night
What would you like to drink? :>
Hmm you pretty have a cute dreams...