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MrsS1stbaby 10-01-09 09:37 AM

Officially a dreamer now
Hi ladies! Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am baby dreaming now. My dd is about 14.5 months old now and I am hoping to have baby #2 next year.

No, me and Dh are not trying yet, we are just talking. Well, actually we talked last night and I told him my concerns & wishes and then we agreed to not talk about it again until after Thanksgiving or possibly Christmas so we have time to think about it. He asked me if we were really ready for another one and I said, "Were we really ready for the 1st one? No, we just wanted to start a family & just did it. You can never know what the future is going to hold, so why try to plan that far in advance?"

My main concern is not about money or daycare or anything like that. It is about him and if he can handle it. Our dd is at that stage where she cries when I leave & will fuss much of the time I am gone and he gets frustrated & ususally calls me to complain (no, actually B&*ch) about she how hasn't stopped crying since I left. Well, you know what? She doesn't do that when I leave her at my parents every day for work, so I think HE sits and watches TV & doesn't engage her & when he gets agitated, she senses it and gets fussy. It's so frustrating b/c he acts like it's must be all gravy when I am home alone with her & she is just a terror for him. But others times, he doesn't complain at all & says she was great. It just the times that he does that concern me; I don't my kids growing up to think Daddy is a mean, grouchy monster or something.

Did any of you have this type of concern? How do I deal with it or get Dh to calm the heck down???