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Didn't know I was dreaming.... Print Version

onemellogirl 05-24-10 01:08 AM

Didn't know I was dreaming....
...until today. And I think we are done with 3 girls. But today while looking on Facebook, our good friends posted pics of their newborn twins that were born last Monday. As I started looking at the album, I just started crying. I dont know what came over me, I already have my hands full!!!! But just seeing them made realize how much I wish I could do it again. I thought I was over all those feelings with Ava, knowing she was the last. DH walked in and saw me upset and then looked at the computer to see why I was crying. He promptly left the room, and returned with Ava to sit on my lap. lol. I guess that was his way of saying, "We're done!" But still....I can wish...right?????

Keepers 05-24-10 09:07 AM

That was quick thinking on your DHs part lol. I hope that you can find comfort in being done, or maybe you can get your DH on board???

koala_kaper 05-24-10 11:42 AM