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dreaming... sshhh dont tell! Print Version

imagine 08-31-10 11:27 AM

dreaming... sshhh dont tell!
dh and I have been talking a lot lately about TTC #2 I had such a hard time with both conceiving and the whole pregnancy with Lincoln that I said I did not ever want to do it again but now 3 years later and him becoming more independent and not needing me as much I have been thinking about it more and more.
The other day ds just out of the blue told dh he wanted a baby sister. I dont even know where he got it but now dh asks him everyday if he wants a new baby sister or brother. And this morning he said that if we got pg this month it would be due around July!!?? I was kind of shocked he had been doing the math and all that.
Im still on the fence though because I cant stop thinking about all the problems I had when I was pg with ds and all the pain during labor and the 2.5 hours of pushing him out. I was told that I would forget all about it after he was born but I still have never forgot it... lol I know not all pg are the same but that's means this one could be much better or it could be much worse!! IDK...
I guess I'm just ranting! lol

Im not telling anyone in my family or friends that were thinking about it though because I know they would be all over me to do it!! lol
PS: just thinking about this and putting it here is writing is giving me butterfly's and making me feel very nervous!!

Mommy2KNIH 08-31-10 12:45 PM

Well put it in gods hands. Try it and if it happens then it was ment to be and if it doesn't then it wasnt! Good Luck with whatever you decide.

Janine 09-13-10 10:22 AM

Hope it goes easier for you this time around!